NMP2020 Session’s Programme and first Instructions for Presenters

The NMP2020 virtual conference draft schedule is available here:  NMP2020 Sessions’ Programme

The Symposium 4th edition will be presented using the Microsoft Teams web conferencing platform. If you have never used Teams, instructions and basic info can be found here.

An invitation link for joining the virtual NMP2020 “team” will be sent to you by email in the next few days.

First instructions for presenters:
1. Each presentation should be 12 minutes with 3 minutes for questions, for a maximum presentation length of 15 minutes.
2. Presentations must be delivered in English. Please use the ppt template provided: PPT template NMP2020
3. Attendees are asked to provide their consent to be recorded during the sessions. Accordingly, please read, fill, sign and send us back via email the informed consent form by the 11th of May. You can download it here

For those who consider it useful, the NMP2020 organizing team will run a virtual conference test on Wednesday 20th of May h 9.30 – 11.30 a.m.. We’ll be there to support presenters/chairs asking for help dealing with the Microsoft Teams web conferencing platform.