• Edoardo Mollica Award
    ASTRI Association is honored to commemorate again this NMP edition the figure and work of Edoardo Mollica – full Professor of Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation, pioneer in the research field of Inner Areas and open-eyed scholar of Metropolitan Cities.
    The EDOARDO MOLLICA AWARD is aimed at encouraging the participation of young researchers in the scientific debate. The prize will be awarded to the most innovative and original papers written and presented exclusively by young scholars, in response to the Call For Papers “NEW METROPOLITAN PERSPECTIVES” 2020. For young scholar is meant who has not yet turned 35, at the starting date of the symposium. The Edoardo Mollica Awards Committee will select and reward successful early career researchers’ papers.

    The research topics should relate to the theme of Inner Areas, intercepting the issues of sustainable development, cultural heritage, identity, metropolitan cities or economic policies.

    The Edoardo Mollica Award Committee will select and reward successful young experienced researchers’ papers, assigning a grant that covers the conference fee for the registration to the NMP2020 International Symposium.

    Those interested are invited to send an email to the NMP2020 Secretariat at nmp@unirc.it, communicating the interest in applying for the award by the 28 of November 2019.

  • International Design – Workshop/Competition
    Rhegion United Nations 2020-2030

Rhegion UN 2020-2030 intends to highlight the importance of cultural change that must be made in order to pursue the philosophy of sustainable development specified by the UN in 2015, participating in the construction of „cultured technology“ mentioned since 1991 by Romano del Nord.


That is to build a new civitas, with roots in history and sustainable for the future, where the Comunitas can live with good quality of life and in harmony with nature, as well highlighted in the Encyclical Letter Laudato Sii of the Holy Father Francis on the Care of Common House focused on integrated ecology. The aspects linked to anthropological questions will not be secondary, but examples of good local, national and international practices will also be relevant.

The WORKSHOP is an experimentation of recovery and redevelopment based on the UN 2020 – 2030 objectives of a territory with a strong natural value and rich in historical evidences such as the Metropolitan Area of Reggio Calabria.

To download the Rhegion announcement workshop, click here.


  •  “IMAGES from the FUTURE” Audio Video Contest – “Valeria Morabito” AwardThe Contest is intended for young students in its broad definition. It aims to accompany the scientific and the cultural debate around the theme of future settlements and human relations, encouraging contamination between different perspectives. The theme of the Contest “IMAGES from the FUTURE” can be developed in many fields by examining four important keywords: PLACES, RELATIONS, CULTURE and IDENTITY.
    The deadline is Wednesday 15th of April 2020.

    To Download the announcement (EN) click here.
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