NMP2022 – Edoardo Mollica Award

ASTRI Association is honoured to commemorate again this NMP edition the figure and work of Edoardo Mollica – full Professor of Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation, pioneer in the research field of Inner Areas and open-eyed scholar of Metropolitan Cities.

The E. Mollica Award is aimed at encouraging the participation of young researchers in the scientific debate. The prize will be awarded to the most innovative and original papers written and presented exclusively by young scholars, in response to the Call For Papers “NEW METROPOLITAN PERSPECTIVES” 2022. For young scholar is meant who has not yet turned 35, at the starting date of the symposium. The Edoardo Mollica Awards Committee will select and reward successful early career researchers’ papers.

The research topics should relate to the theme of Inner Areas, intercepting the issues of sustainable development, cultural heritage, identity, metropolitan cities or economic policies. 

The Edoardo Mollica Award Committee will select and reward successful young researchers’ papers, assigning a grant that covers the conference fee for the registration to the NMP2022 International Symposium. Those interested are invited to send an email to the Scientific Secretariat at, communicating the interest in applying for the award by December 30th, 2021.